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Tone Trio, Dia Art Foundation at the Chelsea Recreation Center, May 4, 2024
Gordon Hall: In Conversation, Cubitt Artists, London, April 27, 2024

Performing Lectures, Mindy Seu, Outland, 2024
Dance Talks: Gordon Hall with Millie Kapp and Matt Shalzi, February 28, 2024

Equal Players, Transatlantique: Guy de Cointet, ER Publishing, edited by Rachel Valinsky, 2024
Slow Burn, Stanton Taylor, Art Basel, 2023
FOUR_FOLD_UNDER, Art Basel 2023      
Playing with Knowledge: On Lecture Performances, Seita, Sophie, TDR, 2022
In Conversation: Gordon Hall and B. Ingrid Olson, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, 2022
Dozie Kanu: 00 Magazine Magazine, 2022
Thing Theory–Sculpture Roundatable, Art in America, 2022
Episode 3: Gordon Hall, This Thing We Call Art Podcast, 2021
Stand Me Down, Istanbul, Turkey, 2022
On Closed Boxes, Dia Chelsea, 2021
Shifter Issue 25 | Waiting, 2021
10 Questions with... Interior Design Magazine, 2021
Circling the Square, Words from END OF DAY, Hesse Flatow, New York, 2021
LVL3 Artist of the Week, 2021
Other People's Houses, AIR Gallery / Walls Divide Press, 2021
Why I Don't Talk About 'The Body': A Polemic, Monday Journal, 2020
Living Content: Gordon Hall, 2020
Gordon Hall at DOCUMENT, Brian Leahy, Artforum, 2019      
Gordon Hall interviewed by Andrew Kachel, Out of Order Magazine, 2019
Critique Conversations with Millie Kapp and Matt Shalzi, Critical Correspondence, 2019

OVER-BELIEFS: Gordon Hall Collected Writing 2011-2018, 2019
Slant Step Book, Verge Center for the Arts, 2019
Profile: Artsy, Eli Hill, 2019
The Number of Inches Between Them, 2019
Orlando Tirado in Conversation with Gordon Hall, Critical Correspondence, 2018
Gordon Hall: MIT List Visual Arts Center, Dana Kopel, Flash Art, 2018
Among Things, Art in America, 2018
Address Not Found, curated digital collection, Library Stack, 2018
Orange or Salmon, The Swiss Institute, New York, 2018
Artforum 500 Words, 2018
Between Being and Becoming, Jameson Paige, Newcity, 2028
On Vulnerability and Heavy Objects, The Chart, 2017
U, in Mene Mene Tekel Parsin curated by Jesse Darling, Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge, UK, 2017
A Doorknob on the Landscape, Kendall Buster: Dissembling Utopias, 2016
Reading Things, The Walker Art Center, 2016
Learning To Read Objects Like Letters, Meredith Sellers, Hyperallergic, 2016
Gordon Hall, AND PER SE AND, Jody Graf and Dana Kopel, The Brooklyn Rail, 2016
AND PER SE AND, Temple Contemporary, Philadelphia and Art in General, New York, 2016

Staging Professionalization, Mashinka Firunts, Performance Research, 2016
The Unset, Night Club, Frieze New York, 2016      
Commencement Address, Parsons School for Design, 2016
What About Power, SculptureCenter, 2015
Appearing Differently, David J. Getsy and William J. Simmons in Conversation, 2017      
Counting Backwards from Three with Matt Morris and James Lee Byars, CAC, Cincinnati, 2015
Leaning, Carrying, Standing: Gordon Hall and the Politics of Form, Ethan Philbrick, PAJ, 2015      
With & Width, Chapter, New York, 2015
Flight Pattern 1e: Gordon Hall, Maggie Ginestra, Temporary Art Review, 2014
New Space Education and How It Works, FLEX, Kent Fine Art, New York, 2014

Gordon Hall by Ian Wallace, Art In America, 2014
Gordon Hall Gives Platonic Love to a Stool, Blake Gopnik, Artnet, 2014
"Read me that part a-gain, where I disin-herit everybody", EMPAC, Troy, New York, 2014
Gordon Hall, Interview with Emily Zimmerman, BOMB, 2014
Is This for a Performance? Next Time Symposium Publication, 2013
Experimenting With Fire, V Magazine, 2013    
SO FUTURE, conversation with Colin Self, Randy Magazine, 2013
Making Messes for the Future, ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, Los Angeles, 2013        
Due Diligence: Elizabeth Orr’s Work Ethic, Title Magazine, 2013
DIFFERENTIATION, Gallery 400, University of Illinois Chicago, 2012

DIFFERENTIATION, Movement Research Festival, New York, 2012
Extremely Precise Objects of Ambiguous Use, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2011
Proximity Is Not the Opposite of Distance: Merleau-Ponty and Artistic Production, SAIC, 2010
Dear Latham, Trust Me: Selected Works by Latham Zearfoss, 2010

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