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Performing Lectures, Mindy Seu, Outland, 2024
Slow Burn, Stanton Taylor, Art Basel, 2023

Playing with Knowledge: On Lecture Performances, Seita, Sophie, TDR, 2022

Circling the Square, Words from END OF DAY, Hesse Flatow, New York, 2021
Stand Me Down, Istanbul, Turkey, 2022

Gordon Hall at DOCUMENT, Brian Leahy, Artforum, 2019
An Intimate Dance of Objects, Lucy Cotter, Mousse Magazine, 2019
OVER-BELIEFS: Gordon Hall Collected Writing 2011-2018, 2019
The Number of Inches Between Them, Book, 2019
Gordon Hall: MIT List Visual Arts Center, Dana Kopel, Flash Art, 2018  

Between Being and Becoming, Jameson Paige, Newcity, 2018
Learning To Read Objects Like Letters, Meredith Sellers, Hyperallergic, 2016
Gordon Hall, AND PER SE AND, Jody Graf and Dana Kopel, The Brooklyn Rail, 2016
Staging Professionalization, Mashinka Firunts, Performance Research, 2016

Appearing Differently, David J. Getsy and William J. Simmons in Conversation, 2017
Leaning, Carrying, Standing: Gordon Hall and the Politics of Form, Ethan Philbrick, PAJ, 2015

Gordon Hall by Ian Wallace, Art In America, 2014
Gordon Hall Gives Platonic Love to a Stool, Blake Gopnik, Artnet, 2014


    Center for Experimental Lectures